Belgische historische postkaarten, foto's en prenten

Project by the University of Gent:

"Consisting of more than 40.000 historic post cards, photographs, drawings, newspapers clips and magazines, showing cities, buildings, monuments and works of art in Belgium from the end of the 19th century to the second World War, the Topographic collection uniquely represents Belgium's cultural building heritage. Grouped by subject and village the collection is searchable by the public through an innovative interface. For architects, art historians and managers of cultural heritage the collection is of great value because a lot of buildings photographed have long since disappeared. The origin of the collection goes back to the "Belgian documentation", started in the beginning of the 20th century, aiming to make an inventory of the cultural heritage of Belgium. In 1970 ACL, the Royal institute for the study and conservation of Belgium’s artistic Heritage, donated a part of that collection to HIKO (institute for art history and archaeology) in Ghent. In 2000 the collection was acquired by the University library where it was digitized in 2006."

Each item is described and offered as a high resolution image which can also be bought.

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