Beeldbank Noord-Holland

Beeldbank Noord-Holland is an initiative of the archives and historical organizations of the Dutch province of Noord-Holland (see list here). It contains historical images concerning this province, such as photographs, postcards, drawings, and prints. The material dates from the 16th century until the present day. In November 2015 almost 217.000 images were available.

Both basic and advanced search are available. Images are shown in small size, and are accompanied by some metadata. For each image it is also indicated from which organization the image originates. By going to the website of the organization in question, users can access more detailed metadata about the image and possibly also an image in higher resolution.

‘Beeldbank Noord-Holland’ has been financed by the province Noord-Holland. It is a partnership between Cultuurcompagnie Noord-Holland and the archives and historical organizations of Noord-Holland. It is maintained by ‘Cultuurcompagnie Noord-Holland.’

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