Beeldbank Nationaal Archief

This is the online photo collection of the Nationaal Archief in Den Haag consisting of around 500.000 images from various collections. The Beeldbank can be browsed by theme or by collection or searched by various criteria. It is also possible to make a user account and save selections of photos. All images are offered in high-resolution quality. This is the list of themes and collections: Themes: - Liberation of the Netherlands - top holdings of the National Archive - KNVB photo albums (soccer) - photos Artis - historical documents - 100th birthday of Queen Juliana - Top 2000 (music) - Elfstedentocht 100 years - Maps Johannes Vingboons, ca. 1665 - Maps of Zuid-Holland - Maps of the VOC - Topographic maps - Maps of the Atlantic World - World War II Collections: Photo collections in the Beeldbank: - Anefo - Arbeidsinspectie - Dienst Legercontacten Indonesië - Elsevier - KNVB fotoalbums - Nederlandse Heidemaatschappij - Rijkswaterstaat - Van de Poll Map collections in the Beeldbank: - Binnenlandse kaartcollectie Hingman - Buitenlandse kaartcollectie Leupe - Kadasterkaarten Zuid-Holland Documents in the Beeldbank: - KNVB archiefstukken - Stamboekkaarten Oost-Indische Ambtenaren

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