The Athanasius Kircher Project
Project about the Jesuit polymath Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680): "The Athanasius Kircher correspondence project was created with the goal of making the manuscript correspondence of Athanasius Kircher available on the Internet. The project was commenced through the collaboration of the Museo Gallileo in Florence, the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and the European University Institute in Fiesole, under the direction of Michael John Gorman and Nick Wilding. Since September 2000, the project has been rehoused at Stanford University. A new searchable version of the correspondence, using Luna Insight software has been developed at Stanford, and is now available to researchers. Comments on the new interface are very welcome. " "Beginning with the letters in volumes APUG 555 to APUG 568 of the Pontifical Gregorian University and continuing to include Kircher's letters and manuscripts in other libraries and archives, we plan to produce an edition of Kircher's correspondence that will be available for consultation free of charge on Internet." Users need to install special software to access the letters (available for Windows and Mac). The original website for the project, which contains a lot of interesting information, can still be found here.

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