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The project - Virtual Library for Art History "is being realized thanks to financial support from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG), as a common project of the Library of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Munich and Heidelberg University Library in co-operation with the Institute for Art History of the LMU Munich (chair Professor Dr. Hubertus Kohle) together with the historical network and further partners. focuses the core competencies of the co-operating institutions into a fundamental platform for research and teaching. aims at a comprehensive record of arthistorical publications, be they in printed, hybrid or electronic form. Special attention is given to articles in periodicals and collective writings. With - Virtual Catalogue for Art History, we are featuring specialized a meta catalogue engine, which is well established and presents a wide range of international target systems. ART-Guide provides a clearly arranged and carefully described collection of art historically relevant internet resources and thus presents an online reference library for research and teaching. The goal of the components E-Publishing and Tutorials is to support internet based academic working methods and open access oriented online publishing. In the area Primary Sources we are dealing with digitization, improved thematic indexing and free online accessibility of much asked arthistorical resources. The area Thematic Portals offers more than just bibliography and provides forums for specific subjects of art history. The content we offer here at the moment has an exemplary character and is intended to co-operation and new offers. A workflow based on a content management system is part of our service." Primary sources can be found on the E-publishing and Resources pages. E-publishing:
  • FONTES: Sources and Documents for the History of Art 1350-1750 Resources:
  • Catalogues of the ‘Glaspalast’ exhibitions in Munich from 1869 to 1931
  • Catalogues of the „Great German Art Exhibition“ („Große Deutsche Kunstausstellung“) 1937-1944
  • Matriculation register of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich
  • Great exhibitions of the 19th century
  • Deutsches Kunstblatt
  • Fliegende Blätter
  • Kladderadatsch
  • Die Kunst für Alle
  • Meggendorfer-Blätter
  • Ulk
  • Kölner Domblatt
  • Books on Architecture and Garden Design – online
  • llustrated books of nature
  • Primary sources: the history of art history
  • Early Christian and Byzantine Art
  • Ilumination in the Bibliotheca Palatina
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