Archivo Historico Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas
The Archivo Historico of the Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas offers a database for the study of patents and trademarks. The database draws on a large collection of sources that were collected throughout different research projects. The result is an indispensable collection of information on Spanish privileges, patents, and trademarks. The website is divided into four parts, which each cover a distinct period of time:
  • Privilegios (1826-1878)
  • Patentes (1878-1940)
  • Patentes (1930-1966)
  • Marcas (1866-1879)
Other than that, there are some key historical documents on the legislation of the industrial property available. The individual privileges and patents can not be viewed online; they have not been scanned or digitized, but are collectively described and cataloged in databases. The trademarks (=marcas), on the other hand, can be viewed online. Search functions include title; applicant; time period; and file number. There is also a possibility to locate patent applicants (registered between 1878 and 1939) on a map. This map includes filters by country of residence; type of applicant; date of application; and the international patent classification. The interface is available in four different languages: Spanish, French, German, and English. The Archivo Historico is maintained by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with additional funding by the Spanish Ministrery of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce.

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