Archivio Video di Storia Orale – Parco Nazionale Museo delle Miniere dell’Amiata

Archivio Video di Storia Orale is a project of the Parco Nazionale Museo delle Miniere dell’Amiata, a museum about the mines of the Italian area of Monte Amiata. It contains 45 video interviews with miners, technicians, and workers of Castell’Azzara and Selvena, who worked in the last decades of the existence of the mercury mines of Morone and Siele. The interviews were carried out in 2008-2009.

The interviewees speak about the mines, work, technical problems, politics, but also about social life. The interviews can be accessed alphabetically according to interviewee, or according to place that they were from.

The project was carried out by the Parco Museo dell’Amiata, the city of Castell’Azzara, and the Sopraintendenza Archivistica della Toscana. It was coordinated by Prof. Giovanni Contini.

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