Archivio Storico Multimediale del Mediterraneo - @SMM
"The Mediterranean Multimedia Historic Archive is a national project of the [Italian] Ministry for Cultural Heritage – General Archives Directorate - promoted by the Catania State Archives which sees the participation of some of the most prestigious Italian State Archives that are actual hubs of the memory of the Mediterranean. [...] The @SMM proposes and promotes a new interpretation of the history of the Mediterranean in the second millennium through a vast amount of documents and cartographic collections conserved in the historic archives of Italy and of the Countries of the Mediterranean. This large body of works have been appropriately digitalized, catalogued and organized into data bases in a single multimedia archive available on line through a multilanguage portal endowed with cutting edge Knowledge Management search functions. The interoperability of @SMM with external sources has been made possible through an approach based on ontologies which endows the system with native characteristics whereby any data model can be managed, thus making integration possible with any external source. @SMM defines its ontologic model through the standard OWL notation and will import any model supported by other sources. Integration of external data can be made by interpreting the data received on the @SMM ontological model or, in the case in which the external sources already use an ontological approach, they exploit the imported ontologies. Besides offering a highly flexible structure, the advantage of using ontologies is that it provides support to logical thinking. Indeed, there are semantic search systems based on rules and languages that can be used on structured data through ontological models. This approach makes @SMM open to future semantic developments not only for its own data but also for the data from federated external sources. The goals: New interpretation of the History of the Mediterranean in the Second Millennium through the deeds and documents contained in the archive. This goal is achieved thanks to the cataloguing and digitalization of a vast amount of documents and cartographic collections conserved in the historic archives of Italy and of other Mediterranean Countries, organized into a technologically advanced data base in a single multimedia archive available on line. Scientific and popularization search tool. @SMM aims at producing the most up to date search instrument that will facilitate historic studies based on advanced multimedia technologies; this tool will also make the archives available to the WEB world, including the disabled, hence reaching out to people well beyond the restricted and specialized segment of traditional users of the Archives. Protection and appreciation. This goal allows the Administration to carry out an effective action in terms of conservation and appreciation of the archival heritage and in general of all cultural heritage. Integration of information systems. Integration of @SMM with the national and regional information systems of the Archives Administration. This goal is achieved through operational integrations with the SIUSA (Unified IT System of Archival Authorities) archival systems and with the general guide to the State Archives SIAS (IT System of State Archives). [...] Even though its initial aim was to enhance and upgrade the archival sector, it has been found that the @SMM can also be easily integrated with the other national and regional information systems of all cultural heritage, thus helping overcome the sectoral breakdown of different levels of knowledge; this ensures interdisciplinarity in searches and provides for extensive horizontal communication of information which means representing the “global history” of the peoples of the Mediterranean. Multilinguism. A goal of special interest is that of making available the cultural contents and information about the activities of the project to the Countries of the Mediterranean basin. The Multilanguage portal, dedicated to the Archives of the Mediterranean countries ( belonging to the network, promotes the internationalization of culture and of multilinguism which is a marvelous example of coexistence and cultural integration among peoples of different race, religion and culture, as unquestionably demonstrated by the Medieval documents. Digital memory. The Mediterranean Sea becomes the protagonist as the historic space and unifying reality of the Euro-Mediterranean historic events endowed with a common digital memory that will be able to project the past into the future and vice versa in an effort to promote peace. Technological innovation. The project envisages solutions to new problems linked to technological innovation that have arisen above all following globalization, such as multilinguism, as well as access to the web for the disabled, long-term conservation of digital resources, and new business models, such as cultural tourism, for instance."


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