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The Luigi Sturzo Institute was established in 1951 in Rome. The Historical Archive "holds writings and documents that are indispensable to better appreciate the history of Italy and of the Catholic movements from the crisis of the Liberal State up to the coming of Fascism. ... It holds documents related to the lives of anti-fascist exiles, the establishment of the Republic and the promulgation of the Constitutional Charter. More specifically, it holds writings and papers by Luigi Sturzo, Giovanni Gronchi, Filippo Meda, Flaminio Piccoli, Mario Scelba, Piero Malvestiti, Giuseppe Spataro, Maria Eletta Martini, Tina Anselmi, Giulio Andreotti and, furthermore the "Democrazia cristiana" records. In addition, the Historical Archive holds iconographic, photographic and audio-visual materials, [...] one hundred thousand pictures coming from Il Popolo, the Democrazia cristiana’s newspaper, published from 1943 to 2004; one thousand and five hundred propaganda posters and three hundred propaganda films produced by Democrazia cristiana’s cinema office, from 1944 to 1975." Directly from the Home page of the "Istituto Luigi Sturzo", in his Italian version, other web sites are connected to the Institute main one. Digital documents published in an appropriate web site entirely dedicated to Sturzo, are the following:
  • The Opera Omnia of Luigi Sturzo
  • Historical Photographs Many archive collections of photographic material, of political posters and propaganda films produced by Italian Catholic political forces and organizations (36.862 documents) have been scanned but they aren't yet available online. As part of an agreement with the Historical Archives of the Senate for the digitization project archives online, the Sturzo Historical Archive offer the full digitisation of the DC-PPI Political Group in the Senate (1948-2001). (Diitization of papers relating to the series Minutes of the Steering Committee, Minutes of the Catholic group, election records, minutes, Board of Arbitrators, Circulars and Miscellanea, for a total of 20,300 documents.)
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