Archivio Storico Capitolino - Risorse Digitali
For over a decade now, the Archivio Storico Capitolino, the Historical Archive of the City of Rome, has started to create a digital archive. (Capitol Historical Archive, Piazza della Chiesa Nuova, 18, 00186 ROMA, Tel.: +39.06.67108100, Fax: +39.06.68806639 Email: The documentation preserved in the "physical" archive spans the centuries from the twelfth to the twentieth, from Medieval times to the contemporary period. The list of available digital resources for the history of Rome and the Lazio region are at the moment the following (March 2010):
  • In the Archivio della camera capitolina, the Libro d'Oro, the Golden book of the Roman nobility from 1746.
  • The Archivio Fotografico, the historical photographies for the end of the 19th century.
  • The Archivio Orsini, the Orsini's family diplomatic archive, section Pergamene (2432 scrolls).
  • Capitolium, the documentaion about the activity of the commune of Rome, starting shortly after 1870.
  • Mappe, 732 historical maps of the City of Rome and the Lazio region, from the end of the 17th century.

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