Archivio Provinciale della Tradizione Orale

Archivio Provinciale della Tradizione Orale (APTO) is an ethnomusicologist database, which contains songs and music coming from the oral tradition of the Italian province of Trentino from the 1950s onwards. In December 2015 almost 1400 records were available, coming from a variety of institutions.

These records contain detailed information about each song. They also have a corresponding audio file. Some records also contain video (downloadable in MPG format), photographs, and/or a music transcription (downloadable in PDF format).

Basic search and advanced search (by title, incipit, place, type, collection, or thesaurus) are possible. It is also possible to browse the entire collection.

APTO is part of the Museo degli usi e costumi della gente trentina.

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