Archivio digitale Pio La Torre

Pio La Torre (1927-1982) was a leader of the Italian Communist Party who was killed by the Mafia. The Archivio digitale Pio La Torre has collected documents and bibliographical material concerning the life and political activities of La Torre. The primary sources available include:

  • Photographs
  • Audio-visual material
  • Newspaper articles in which La Torre expresses his opinion
  • Articles written by La Torre
  • The personal archive of La Torre
  • Archival material from the Italian Communist Party
  • Archival material from the Italian government
  • Records from the Court of Palermo concerning the trial on the murder of La Torre
  • Newspaper articles concerning the deaths of Michele Reina, Piersanti Mattarella, and Pio la Torre, and concerning the subsequent trial
  • Miscellaneous material concerning the life of La Torre

The material is sorted according to topic (biography, articles and writings, political activities, work for the national parliament, political crimes, and process). Each topic is divided into various subcategories (for instance according to time period), which in their turn can again be subdivided. The digital archive as a whole can be searched with free search.

The project has been promoted by the Presidenza della Camera dei Deputati, the Senato della Repubblica, the Commissione parlamentare d'inchiesta sul fenomeno della mafia e della Fondazione della Camera dei deputati. It was initiated by the Centro di studi ed iniziative culturali "Pio La Torre" di Palermo, and it has been realized thanks to the Archivi del Tribunale e della Procura della Repubblica di Palermo, the Archivio storico e la Biblioteca della Camera dei deputati, the Biblioteca Centrale della Regione Sicilia "Alberto Bombace", the Fondazione Istituto Gramsci, the Istituto Gramsci Siciliano, and the Centro documentazione Archivio Flamigni.

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