Archivio degli Iblei

Archivio degli Iblei focuses on the history, iconography, and landscape of the Iblei, an area located in Sicily between Siracuse and Ragusa. Most of the website focuses on the 20th century, but there are also some sources about the 19th century.

Various sections of the website contain digital primary sources, coming from both public and private archives:

  • Under ‘Testimoni e studiosi’, interviews can be found (ordered alphabetically according to interviewee).
  • In ‘Archivio immagini’, various types of images can be found (ordered chronologically): photographs, postcards, reports of official ceremonies, and family albums.
  • Under ‘Leggere il paesaggio’, landscape photographs can be found (ordered thematically).
  • ‘Testi e ricerche’ contains mainly secondary literature, but also some primary sources such as videos.
  • In addition, all material present on the webiste is divided into thematical categories (under ‘Percorsi tematici’): countryside, food, school, trenches, religion, politics, industry, emigration, Second World War, consumption and leisure, family, health, popular traditions, and sources about Terra Matta.

Basic search in the entire website is possible. Images are shown in high definition and can be downloaded in PNG format.

The project was originally created within , which is the official website of the documentary Terramatta; Il Novecento italiano di Vincenzo Rabito analfabeta siciliano. It is maintained by Cliomedia Officina, and supported by the Università degli Studi di Catania.

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