Archivio Audiovideo di Radio Radicale
The Archives of Radio Radicale offers an audiovisual history of the most significant institutional, political, social and cultural events in Italy since 1976. For its originality, the breadth of topics and interests, this radio archive plays the role of an essential primary source for political, social and cultural history of contemporary Italy. What makes this multimedia collection of digitised documents particularly interesting is the large amount of materials collected and the full recording of all events, which will preserve the whole event without cuts. Since its birth in the second half of the '70s, Radio Radicale has ensured not only the transmission of events but also the preservation and the full documentation of all parliamentary sessions, of the conferences of parties, the major trials, and the major social and political events in Italian daily life. Due to these characteristics and the volume of documents preserved (over 300.000 records, trim, ribbons, mp3, real audio / video), the archives of Radio radical is the major source of documentation on the history of political, institutional and cultural Italy since the late '70s to today by using audio as primary source. Advance searching and combination of fields are possible. The main subject categories for the records kept in the sound archive of Radio Radicale are: The records kept in the sound archive of Radio Radicale can be divided according to its characteristics (creator, content, etc..), in four broad categories:
  • Judiciary Archive
  • Archive of political parties and movements
  • Archive of Associations, Trade Unions and Social Movements
  • Cultural Archive To stress the historical and cultural value of the Archives of Radio Radicale, nothing could be more explicit then "some numbers" updated in late February 2006, about the different categories of recordings in the Audio/Video Archive:
  • 124,867 speakers, identified by name,
  • 51,170 interviews with the applicant's name, surname and position of the interviewee
  • 2480 tapes with "on the road" interviews f
  • 12,588 hearings of the most important processes in the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's
  • 14,500 discussions and book presentations
  • 5704 meetings
  • 7617 conferences party, union and association's congresses
  • 4791 public meetings and talks
  • 1962 conference of parties, associations, unions
  • 12.001 press conferences

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