Archivi della Democrazia Cristiana
The digital archive project "Archivi della DC", Archives of the Italian Christian Democratic Party, the most important political party in Post WWII Italy, is maintained by the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome. It contains an audio-visual archives from 1955, historical photographs, political campaign manifesto's and archival documents related to the activities of the party after the Second World War:
  • Christian Democracy Fund (1946-1992). This archive contains the papers produced by the statutory bodies of the party - National Directorate, National Congress, National Council, National Assembly - the Secretariat policy and central offices.
  • The Archival Fund for the Parliamentary Group at the House of Deputies (1946-1992) and for the Parliamentary Group at the Senate (1946-1992) are dealing with Christian Democrat Mp's activities in the Italian Chambers. Inventories of the archives of some of the leaders of the party (Gronchi, Scelba, Gonella, Jervolino, Small, etc..) are also integrated to the database.
  • Posters of the Christian Democrat Party (1946-2002) is the collection of electoral political posters and organizational materials from the party since WWII. The description contains the data for the year of production, the text, the eventual author, format, and state of preservation. A digital reproduction of the poster is attached to the meta-data's description.
  • The Photographic archive of the newspaper The People (1946-1992) The fund is being catalogued and digitization of historical photographs is currently ongoing. At the moment (February 2010) only the series of pictures from the Party are fully available online. The publication of the other sections (Italian characters, Foreign characters, Entertainment, Regions, etc..) will be progressively added.
  • The Audiovisual Archive (1946-1980) is containing the films made by the Christian Democrats since the early years of the Italian reconstruction for propaganda and election issues. The movies are viewable using the web streaming technology.

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