Archivi degli architetti

Archivi degli architetti brings together material regarding architecture in Italy from the Unification of Italy until the end of the 20th century. The material comes from various Italian archives. The website is divided in several sections (connected with each other through links): institutions, architectural projects, a timeline, lives of the architects, thematic virtual tours, a multimedia gallery, and an index.

Digitized primary sources can be found in each of the website’s sections, organized in different ways for each section. In addition, it is possible to search the entire contents of the website in the section ‘Trovarchivi.’ Both basic and advanced search are available.

The sources come mainly from the SAN (Sistema Archivistico Nazionale). Various types of sources are available, such as architectural projects, videos, photographs of buildings, and photographs of architects. Images are marked with a watermark. Zoom options and downloadable metadata are available.

The project is coordinated by the Direzione generale per gli Archivi. It is a result of a collaboration between archives, regions, cultural institutions, and atenei.

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