ArchIVI - Città degli Archivi

On the website archIVI, which is part of the project ‘Una città per gli archivi’, users can find an important part of the main archives for the history of Bologna in the 19th and 20th century.

In September 2013, 75 archives were present on this website. The material includes different kind of documentation, such as archival documents, books, pamphlets, and audiovisual material. For all materials, index of records are present but only a part of this material is available as fully digitized versions of the documents. It is possible to limit searches to only online available materials.

Under ‘Ricerca negli Archivi’ users may search freely within the index of the archives. Searches can be limited by date, type of material, and availability of digitized images. Under ‘Consulta gli archivi’, advanced search options are available. For example, searching for photographs offers the possibility to choose between photos in black and white, in colour, in black and white and colour, or coloured manually. This part of the website also offers lists of people, institutions, and places quoted in the general index together with topics and the authors of document. Moreover, there is an alphabetical list of all archives present on this website.

Under ‘Mostre virtuali’ some themes from the History of Bologna are illustrated selecting primary available from the website.

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