Archives Normandie, 1939-1945

The database Archives Normandie, 1939-1945 aims to make an inventory as complete and comprehensive as possible of the photographs taken during the occupation, liberation and reconstruction of the Lower Normandy region in France. This is the first site in the world to offer free images of the Battle of Normandy in high definition. The project led by the Regional Council of Basse-Normandie started in 2004, for the D-Day 60th anniversary. The photographs also were improved with meta-data for a better identification of single documents using of the Flickr repository, PhotosNormandie, a collaborative project for social indexing were "2763 photos about Battle of Normandy (D-Day June 6 to end August 1944) were loaded. All photos are belonging to the Archives Normandie 1939-1945 database and are available in high resolution and with IPTC/IIM fields embedded." For now, descriptions are only in French. Archives Normandie, 1939-1945 was financed by the Conseil Régional de Basse Normandie.

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