" The open online-archive of the Austrian newspaper „Arbeiter-Zeitung“ from 1945 to 1989 [...] is an open newspaper-archive.[...] it contains almost half a century of daily newspaper coverage of one of Austria’s leading newspapers of that time. And it is an open archive to all users of the Internet: without any limitations or fees. shows the newspaper as an image of the original paper-copy. More than 200.000 single pages have been digitized and made available online. [...] The Arbeiter-Zeitung (AZ) was founded as the primary Socialist paper in 1889 by Victor Adler – one of the leading figures of the Socialist Movement in Austria. Despite the fact that the paper was forbidden in 1934, it survived the war times and reappeared in 1945 as the main organ of the Austrian Socialist Party, which it remained until 1989. From 1989 until its closure in 1991 it appeared as independent newspaper. Despite increasing economic difficulties of the paper throughout its last decades, it always had been an important voice in the political and cultural life of Austria. Some of the most important journalists, politicians, authors and artists of their days published in the AZ. In addition to its relevance in the political reportage, the AZ covered every aspect of interest – from sports to cultural events. Thus, there might be only a few historic events that were not reported in the Arbeiter-Zeitung. To research and to understand Austrian contemporary history, the AZ is one important document. [...] Two different presentation tools, one using html one using Macromedia Flash, were implemented. Also the function “Meine AZ” (“my AZ”) was created: a system to allow users to save their results and comment them in their own private section. Requiring only to be registered once (free of charge), the users can easily access their selected material without difficult navigation or the need to make separate notes or printouts. Short commentaries on historic events together with direct links to the corresponding newspaper page have been added to allow casual browsing through Austria’s history. A moderated user forum has been installed, giving the opportunity to discuss recent or historic events with direct links to newspaper pages within the archive."

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