Antologia Vieusseux

The digital archive of the Italian journal "Antologia" (1821-1832), inspired to the French “Revue encyclopédique” and founded by Gian Pietro Vieusseux, is constituted by 48 volumes (accounted to 26,600 pages in total) entirely available on-line at the website Antologia Vieusseux.

The project, funded by the "Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze," is a joint venture between the Accademia della Crusca and the Department of Italian at the University of Florence.

The Antologia Vieusseux is a remarkable source to study the Nineteenth-Century Italian language, particularly in relation to the pre-unitarian period, the early years of the 19th century. Furthermore, the importance of the 48-volume collection is twofold: its extensiveness that accounts to around 10 million words and its relevance for the study of different sectors of the coeval Italian society and culture (literature, arts, history, archeology, pedagogy, law, technical, scientific innovation, etc..).
The articles published in the "Antologia" have been separately catalogued and meta-data's have been added.

A search engine is available and allows users to search for articles according to authors, titles, date of publication, as well as subject (particularly useful considering the large range of subjects covered by the journal).

The access to the digital archive is organised following three levels:

Free access: users can read the introductions as well as search and visualise bibliographical records.
Registered access: users can read all the volumes of the "Antologia" registering in the website. The registration is free of charge, but is restricted to over-14 years old users. The imagesof the pages are in medium-quality format and watermarked. 
Authorised access: authorised users can access high-quality images free of watermarks. The process of authorisation is free. Further information are available in Italian on the website.


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