Amsab-ISG Digital Archives
Amsab-ISH Digital Archive is the digital platform of the Amsab-Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (Amsab institute for Social History), a Belgian institute in Gent engaged in archiving documents and other items of progressive social movements and persons. Amsab-ISH preserves and collects records from the 19th century onwards. Materials are related to the history of socialist organizations, radical left-wing organizations, new social movements and groups involved in action for peace, women, the Third World, a different globalization, gay and lesbian rights, migrant rights, etc. Amsab-ISH has also become the archive of the green movement. As a research institute, Amsab-ISH cooperates with universities and other scholarly institutes, both in Belgium and outside Belgium. (Amsab-Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Bagattenstraat 174, 9000 Gent (Belgium), [T] +32 9 224 00 79). Many of the online sources available on the Amsab-ISH Digital Archive have been OCR scanned and are fully text searchable. Documents can be downloaded in PDF format. Accessible in Amsab-IGH is also an image and sound archive that "contains an important collection of paintings, drawings, prints, caricatures, postcards, statues, flags, flagtops, signboards, pins, and all sorts of items or material relics." At present (October 2011) what has been digitized are mostly newspapers together with archival documents of the Belgian Socialist Party and other worker's organisations:
  • Minutes of the Belgian Workers Party
  • BWP Ghent Reports
  • ABVV Activity Reports
  • ACOD Activity Reports
  • De Belgische Vakbeweging
  • Le Mouvement Syndical Belge
  • Korrespondentieblad
  • Journal des Correspondances
  • Combat
  • De Volkswil
  • De Vrouw
  • De Vlasbewerker
  • De Textielarbeider
  • TACB minutes
  • De Verbroedering
  • De Ontwaking
  • Koekoek
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