AMS Historica

AMS Historica is the collection of antiques and prestigious documents conserved in Alm@DL, the digital library of the Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy. The project hosts the digitization of books, magazines, maps, scientific drawings, historical and cultural heritage preserved in the libraries and archives of the University. 

Through a single point of access, AMS Historica aims to provide the user of the network (be it student, teacher, researcher or enthusiasts) the opportunity to see unique or hard to find documents related to the history of the University and the city of Bologna. The project offers a wide range of typological and thematic digital content that testify the richness of the documentary heritage of the University in its various aspects: scientific, cultural, historical, artistic.

The digital collections accessible in the Alma Digital Library are the following:

The collections can be browsed by issue or title and can be viewed as images or in DjVu-format (requiring installation of the Djvu plugin). Zooming and other functions can be used online in the browser itself. AMS Historica is collaborating to Europeana.


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