Alpheios is a website providing reading tools for texts in Latin, ancient Greek, and Arabic. Support for classical Chinese in under development, and in the future it is planned to support additional languages such as Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Persian. The software (only available for Firefox) is intended for free distribution on the Internet. By installing the software, some specially enhanced classical texts become available on the Alpheios website itself or on some other popular Classics sites, such as The Latin Library or Bibliotheca Augustana. Features of the software include for example that by double-clicking on a word its meaning and grammar are explained.

Also without installing the software, on the Alpheios website there are various examples of texts enhanced and displayed with the Alpheios tools. These are the following texts:

  • Latin: Ovid, Sextus Propertius.
  • Greek: Aeschylus, Apollodorus (Myths from Library and Epitome), Babrius (Fables from Aesop), Hesiod, Homer, Sophocles.
  • Arabic: Arabic reading lessons, The autobiography of the Constantinopolitan story-teller, Selection from the Annals of Tabari, Selections from Arabic geographical literature, al-Aghani (Book of Songs), Arabian nights, Voyages of Ibn Batuta.
  • Greek-Arabic: The poetics of Aristotle.

These texts are shown in modern edition.

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