Acta Ecclesiæ Mediolanensis
The Acta Ecclesiae Mediolanensis are the legal acts of the Milanese Church that were first published in 1582 to disseminate the legislation sponsored by St. Charles Borromeo (1538–1584). In many ways the legislation can be seen as the consequence of the Council of Trent (1565). The Acta Ecclesiae Mediolanensis is not only an important source to understand the late sixteenth century in general, but also provides precise information on the structure of the Ambrosian Diocese. The last publication of the Acta Ecclesiae Mediolanensis was curated by Achille Ratti (later Pope Pius XI) in the last decade of the nineteenth century. This edition has now been made available online. Users can either browse the documents, or use the free text search option. Different sections can be downloaded as PDF; however, they cannot be viewed online. The site is maintained by Biblioteca Pinacoteca Accademia Ambrosiana with the financial support of the Rotary club West Milan.

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