AAMOD - Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico

The Audiovideo archive of the workers democratic movement, aamod, holds thousands of mostly non-fiction films, mainly from the PCI (Partito Comunista Italiano), the Unitelefilm, a film production company, and about 250.000 photos on the political and social history of Italy (especially from the Lazio region), but also on other countries. Two online databases, one with sound and video recordings and the other with photographs (a searchable beta version in July 2015), can be searched and the materials accessed online. 3000 hours of audio archive of private companies are currently also being digitized and will become the third part of the online archive. Index of Contents:

  • Investigations: An unprecedented look at the world of the sixties and seventies
  • Southern Italy: A unique approach to the question of Southern Italy
  • Women: The women's movement in Italy after World War II
  • Peace: Peace movements since World War II to today
  • History of the Communist Party: The political campaigns and the protagonists of the Italian Communist Party after World War II
  • Celebrating the left in Italy: The Labor Day holiday, the Unity for Labor and Employment, the battles for civil rights and workers' rights
  • The student movements: Student movements of the sixties
  • War and resistance: Salient episodes of the liberation of Italy during WWII

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