17th-19th century British religious, political, and legal tracts

17th-19th century British religious, political, and legal tracts is one of the text collections of the University of Missouri Digital Library, which provide a repository for digitized items on behalf of the UM Libraries.

‘This important collection of English tracts number approximately 20,000 and date from the mid 17th century through the 19th century. The foundation for this collection consists of approximately 17,000 pamphlets purchased from a Philadelphia bookseller named Ralph Howey [...] . Within the British Religious, Political and Legal Tracts Collection are pamphlets that deal with agricultural management, offering, for example, advice on the growing of fruit, the keeping of bees, the training of horses, and the destruction of common rodent pests. A large component of the collection is English government documents, including petitions and treatises addressed to both Houses of Parliament and the reigning monarch. Within the collection are also to be found a large number of religious pamphlets that range from sermons dealing with moral and doctrinal matters, including the evils of Catholicism, to political and administrative clerical issues. In excess of 200 pamphlets within the Collection deal with the Popish Plot of 1678. The works of most of the major protestant divines of the day are numerous: Tillotson, Hoadly, Sharp, Sherlock, Atterbury, Burnet, Calamy, Clark, Fleetwood. Yet another component of the collection addresses economic issues such as public debt, taxation, commerce and trade, the East Indies, the South Seas Bubble and the Ship Tax. Some of the socially and politically minded publications deal with questions of slavery, liberty of the press, and accounts of trials. There are also a number of the pamphlets that speak to the foreign relations of England, the American rebellion, the union treaty, and the revolution in France.’

The collection can be browsed in its entirety, or sorted according to category (history, geology, literature, agriculture, Civil War). It is also possible to do a basic search regarding author or title. In addition, there are Boolean, proximity, and bibliographic searches available. Each page of the tracts is shown separately, in the digitized version of the original. The pages can be printed.

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