Электронная библиотека - Digital Russian State Library

The Электронная библиотека, is the digital library of the Russian State Library offering four collections:

  • Universal Collection: these books "are printed editions that have been published since 1830 in Russian, in the languages of Russian Federation’s ethnic minorities and in foreign languages. It provides access to the wide range of sources on culture and history of Russia and adjoining territories retracing development of Russian statehood for several centuries and in its various aspects. The collection also contains works of great fiction writers, scientists and researchers. It is addresses to the wide range of readers; from school pupils and students to science and research professionals."
  • Early printed books: "is a collection of books printed before 1830 stocked in the Russian State Library. It embraces electronic copies and facsimile editions of most prominent books of high cultural, scientific and historical significance. The collection currently features books printed in early Slavonic printing houses in Poland, Montenegro, Walachia, Venice and Prague, including the Ochtoekos (Book of Eight Tones) printed by Schweipolt Fiol in Krakow. There is also a range of the 18th century editions printed by Moskovsky Pechatny Dvor (Moscow Printing House). A full and comprehensible range of most significant 18th century legislative and state documents and descriptive works includes:
    * Manifests, acts, statutes, tariffs adopted during the reign of Czar Peter I, Czarina Anna (Anna Ioannovna), Elisabeth (Elisaveta Petrovna) and Catherine II.
    * Statistics records, geographic and topographic descriptions of regions, provinces and towns (compiled by I. Lepekhin, P. Pallas, P. Rychkov).
    * First editions of most significant records and studies in Russian history and culture: annals, treaties, books of heraldry, ’Early History of Russia’ by M. Lomonosov, ’History of Russia from the earliest times’ by V. Tatischev, ’History of Russia from early times’ by M. Scherbatov, the Dictionary of writers by N. Novikov and other rarities."
  • Digital Dissertations Library: about 365,000 full texts of doctoral and postdoctoral dissertation synopses and dissertations defended in Russia and USSR in all academic fields. "The Russian State Library (the RSL) is a unique repository of the originals of the dissertations on all the subjects and specializations except Medicine and Pharmacy beginning with 1944. The All - Russian (up to 1991 - the All - Union ) fund of dissertations was started by the order of the All - Union Committee of Higher Education Affairs at the CNC of the USSR in 1944. Nowadays the funds of the Department of Dissertations (in Khimki) contain the collection of more than 900000 volumes. This number increases by 30000 annually - including 20000 dissertations of Master's Degree and 10000 PhD dissertations. In 2003 the directors of the Russian State Library admitted the fact of the necessity to secure wide accessibility and preservation of the fund's resources on the basis of modern technologies, which prompted the idea to create the Digital Dissertations Library of the RSL."
  • Digital Leninka: digital copies of all items — books, periodicals, maps, music, images, — that have been scanned in the RSL either within specific projects or to preserve and safeguard an original. It also contains audio files and web e-texts.

Access to the Digital Library:

  • "Part of the Digital Library items is open to the general public, these books can be downloaded by any Internet user and read from the screen. To reach their full-text version as pdf-files a reader should have Internet access and Acrobat Reader installed. The level of access to an item is shown on the page of search results."
  • How can I read a document if the access is restricted ?
  • Accessing restricted materials using DefView software registered in the Russian State Library
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