Национална библиотека „Св.СВ Кирил и Методий” - Digital National Library of Bulgaria
This is the digital library of the St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library of Bulgaria. Its creation is part of the European Digital Library. The initiative aims to preserve cultural treasures, such as the first book issued by the first Bulgarian printer Yakov Kraikov in Venice in the 16th century and clergyman Pouncho’s 18th century collection of books containing a unique manual copy of "Slav-Bulgarian History" (written in 1762 by Paissi of Hilendar, this book marked the beginning of what is sometimes referred to as the Bulgarian National Revival). The digital library is continuously being updated and (as of 2008) includes "manuscripts, archives, pictures and portrates from the Manuscript and Documental center; maps, albums and graphics from the Maps and Graphics Department and also readers’ orders digital copies [...]. Separately 12167 digital copies of documents were taken by the Project Digital Archives and Documents. Promotion, Research, Preservation." Among the materials digitised in this project are:
  • manuscripts on parchment 10th-14th centuries, including Enina Apostolos (11th c.), Dobreisho Gospels, Four Gospel from 14th c., Argirov Triodion 13th century, etc.
  • manuscripts on paper 13th-14th centuries.
  • old-printed books.
  • Bulgarian National Revival newspapers – (Bulgarian periodicals from 1844 to 1878)
  • Ottoman Turkish documents.
  • Arabic manuscripts.
  • Old-printed Persian and Ottoman Turkish books.
  • Arabic newspapers.
Username and password are supplied by the library and there is no need for registration.

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