Документальні виставки On-Line - Archives of Ukraine
The database Documentary Exhibitions On-Line developed by Archives of Ukraine aims "to create a data infrastructure (Internet); to develop a project of web resources of state archives, to integrate local electronic catalogues and other databases into the central nationwide database with remote access and other on-going improvements and upgrades" and to widen the usage of archival information to meet the social, scientific, cultural demands of the public. The database offers a wide variety of primary sources relating to Ukrainian, German, Russian, Jewish and Hungarian history from the 9th century to the present and can be browsed by the following topics (as defined by The State Committee on the Archives of the Ukraine):
  • Autographs from Ukrainian History: ІХ-ХХІ Centuries
  • Ukrainian Martyrologue of the XX Century
  • World War II: Soviet and German War Prisoners
  • The Constitution of Ukraine: Building the State
  • Chornobyl: 20 Years Later
  • The Day of Ukrainian Aeronautics and Space Exploration Workers
  • The 1921-1923 Famine in Ukraine
  • Genocide of Ukrainian People: the 1932-1933 Famine in Ukraine
  • Soviet Totalitarianism in Ukraine: 1922-1989
  • World War II and Holocaust in Ukraine
  • Documents on the 60th Anniversary of Crimean Tatars and Other National Minorities Deportation from the Crimea
  • The Chronicle in Pictures: Ukraine in the UN (1945-1995)
  • Ukraine and Russia. The XVII-XVIII Centuries History
  • Documents on the History of Pereiaslav (Kossak) Rada of the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyiv and the Russian State Ancient Acts Archives in Moscow
  • Documents on Jewish History and Culture in Ukrainian Archives
  • Violence Generates Violence: The Hungarian Revolution in 1956 The database contains documents, photos and brief biographical data (only in Ukrainian). They cannot be downloaded.
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