18th Connect

18th Connect is a website dedicated to 18th-century scholarship online. It allows users to search over 820.000 digital objects (number dating from August 2015), from 22 federated sites (libraries, companies, and scholars). 18th Connect takes users directly to the websites where the sources are hosted. Some of the federated sites require subscription; hence not all search results of 18th Connect can be freely consulted.

The sources are either digital collections of primary texts or content that has been or will be peer-reviewed by 18th Connect. 18th Connect contains metadata about each site or collection; links that take users to the materials in sites and collections; and, if available, plain text versions of each digital item for full-text searching. The format and metadata of each source depends on the website that hosts it.

Basic and advanced search are available. It is also possible to create a personal account, which allows users to save searches, collect items, make exhibits, etcetera. Under ‘Exhibits’, users can see all the exhibits that have been made public by other users.

This website is a product of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, & Culture at Texas A&M University.