Google Custom Search in websites listed on EHPS
EHPS offers various ways to search for information. Users can not only browse the portal through the main headings under the “Find Primary Sources” menu but also perform a more specific category or free text search to access the websites that are listed. In addition to these different ways of searching EHPS itself, it is also possible to perform a direct search in all the websites that are listed on EHPS. To do so use the Google Custom Search engine that can be found in the bottom of the left hand menu. To give an example: this search with the phrase "Winston Churchill" gives results from websites such as the European Navigator, The Cabinet Papers, and First World War Poetry Digital Archive, to mention only some of the search results. Though this search is not perfect (some of the digital libraries and archives that are listed on EHPS can not be indexed by Google for technical reasons) this is a good way to search directly in the contents of many digital resources that are relevant for European history.