ZEFYS Zeitungsinformationsystem

The newspaper information system ZEFYS is developed to be the newspaper portal of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Three sections on the website offer access to digitized primary sources:

  • 'Digitalisierte Zeitungstitel.' In May 2013 this section contained 81.425 issues from 89 historical newspapers from Germany and foreign newspapers in German. For every newspaper a chronological list of available issues is present, and every issue is fully available in digitized version. Separate pages can be downloaded as PDF-files.
  • 'Amtspresse Preußens.' This offers access to three important newspapers to the press of Prussia from the last third of the 19th century. These newspapers are:
    • Provinzial-Correspondenz (1863-1884)
    • Neueste Mittheilungen (1882-1894)
    • Teltower Kreisblatt (1856-1896)

The ‘Amtspresse Preußens’ can be searched full-text, or with the search-options ‘Personen’, ‘Orte’, or ‘Sachkommentare.’ Furthermore, there is a subject index, an index of personal names, and an index of place names. Newspapers are shown in edition but it is also possible to view the digitized version of the original. Each digitized page can be downloaded as a PDF-file. In addition, all issues of these newspaper are ordered chronologically and single issues can be viewed.

  • 'DDR-Presse' provides access to three important newspapers of the former GDR between 1945 and 1990: Neues Deutschland, Berliner Zeitung, and Neue Zeit. To access them, it is necessary to register. Newspapers can be searched by a full-text search or chronologically.


It is also possible to search the entire website by free search. Moreover, there is the option to select a specific day and see all newspapers printed that day. Furthermore, the website contains links to thousands of newspapers from all over the world, as well as links to many web resources concerning newspapers.

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