VOC Sea-Voyagers
VOC Sea-voyagers is a database that "contains information concerning sea-voyagers upon ships between 1700 and 1795 who sailed to the Orient." There are both simple and advanced search options available. "The search screen leads to the following information:
  • The names, place of origin and occupation of the sea-voyagers.
  • The end of the tenure (time, place and manner).
  • Possession of a month certificate (such a month certificate contained an obligation for the VOC to pay a maximum of three months salary per year from the seafarer's balance to his family) and the seafarer's debenture (transferable debt certificate).
  • Names of crew who came on board at the Cape of Good Hope. The database also contains the names of ships. These originate from the database of Dutch Asiatic Shipping (DAS). Between 1595 and 1795 more than 4700 ships departed from the Netherlands to Asia under the command of the Dutch East India Company and it's earlier constituent companies. The return journey in this same period was undertaken by some 3400 ships. These sea-expeditions are recorded in Dutch Asiatic Shipping, a project of the Institute of Netherlands History." The VOC Sea-voyagers is a project of the Dutch National Archives and the partners are the following: Gemeentearchief Delft, Gemeentearchief Rotterdam, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, Westfries Archief, Zeeuws Archief
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