The Thomas MacGreevy Archive

The Thomas MacGreevy Archive is an interdisciplinary research project that explores the life, writings, and relationships of the Irish poet and critic Thomas MacGreevy (1893-1967). In August 2015 the original goal of publishing an online bibliography of writings by and about Thomas MacGreevy was nearly complete, with over 400 texts that can be browsed or searched. The website also contains a database with information on the people and organisations found in the notes, as well as biographical notes.

Basic and advanced search options are available. In addition, various collections of sources can be browsed, such as MacGreevy’s correspondence with George Yeats and that with Ernie O’Malley. The collection ‘Thomas MacGreevy composing a poem’ consists in an edition of several of MacGreevy’s poems that allows readers to trace their composition history. For some texts only a modern edition is available, while other texts (such as the correspondence with Yeats and with O’Malley) can be viewed both as facsimile and in transcription, with the possibility to view the two versions next to each other.

A selection of photographs can be viewed in the ‘Image gallery.’

The project was begun with grants from The Newman Scholarship Fund at University College Dublin and Enterprise Ireland, and it partnered with The Intents Project at University College Dublin. It is published by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia, and supported by the University of Maryland Libraries.

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