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Strade della memoria (Streets of memory) was inaugurated in November 2011. The project collects oral sources (video interviews and audio interviews, as well as transcriptions) and photographs concerning the growth and transformation of the border area between Italy and Slovenia in the course of the 20th century. The project focuses mainly on social and political history.

The archive is constantly updated. In July 2015 the cataloguing of interviews and photographs of Gorizia and Trieste during the first half of the twentieth century was in progress, with particular focus on the period between the rise of Fascism to the definition of the new border. Other developments are the addition of the oral accounts collected by students from Trieste, the addition of memories of the suburban areas of Gorizia, and the addition of sources on Trieste during the Second World War and on working-class Gorizia.

The sources can be accessed in various ways: for example, it is possible to focus on one person and see all the sources related to this person. Additionally, both basic and advanced search options are available, as well as various ways to browse the sources. Extensive metadata are available for each source. Photographs can be downloaded in JPEG format.

‘Strade della memoria’ is a project by Associazione Culturale Quarantasettezeroquattro in collaboration with various institutions, and with various partners.

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