Saint Patrick’s Confessio

The Saint Patrick’s Confessio Project is about Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. The saint is at once a 5th-century missionary bringing Christianity to the shores of Ireland and also a symbol of ‘Irishness’ for people with Irish connections around the world. He has been appropriated for many different purposes and his image shaped accordingly to meet a diversity of needs. There are some writings that are accepted as authentically his: the Confessio and the Epistola to Coroticus, both in Latin.

This website contains a large number of editions and translations of the Confessio and the Epistola. They are shown both in modern edition as well as in translation (English, Gaelic, Italian, Portuguese, German, English verse). There are also digitized versions of manuscripts (from the 9th until the 17th century) and of prints (from the 17th and the 20th centuries). These manuscripts and prints can be downloaded in PDF format. They are accompanied by transcriptions.

The website also contains additional information about Patrick and his heritage.

The project was constructed under the auspices of the Royal Irish Academy’s DMLCS project. It is a cooperation between various people and institutions.

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