Ricercar – Programme de recherche en musicologie

Ricercar is a research programme in musicology at the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours (France). Among its aims are research in musicology, and the preparation of critical editions of Renaissance music (both printed and online). This website contains links to a variety of individual projects; all concerning music in the Renaissance, mostly in France. They can be found under ‘Programmes de recherche.’ Several of these projects contain digital primary sources or databases:

  • Digital primary sources:
    • Patrimoine musical de la Picardie. Modern editions of sheet music of composers that were from the French region Picardy or that had worked there.
    • Le corpus des Luthistes
    • Le corpus des messes anonymes du XVe siècle. Modern editions of anonymous Masses from the 15th century.
    • Renaissance music in Croatia. Some music is available in modern edition; some as digitization of the original.
    • Les livres de chansons nouvelles de Nicolas Duchemin (1549-1568). A collection of 16th-century music albums.
  • Databases :
    • Catalogue de la chanson française à la Renaissance
    • Prosopographie des chantres de la Renaissance
    • Le chant sur le livre à la Renaissance: Les traités de contrepoint de Vicente Lusitano
    • Les chansons de Nicolas Duchemin, édition des textes

The various projects offer different search and browse options, as well as different types of visualisation of the sources and data.

‘Ricercar’ has had the support of the French Ministery of Culture and of the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique from 1992 onwards.

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