Recollecting landscapes

Recollecting landscapes is a re-photography project. Around the year 1900 Jean Massart, a botanist and professor at Brussels university, photographed hundreds of Flemish landscapes and made a selection of images that showed specific vegetation and culture in connection with the geography of the place. In 1980, photographer Georges Charlier and botanist Leo Vanhecke were commissioned by the National Botanic Garden of Belgium and the Belgian Nature and Bird Sanctuaries to take new photographs of about 60 of these locations. In 2003, the Flemish Architecture Institute, in collaboration with the Urban Development Lab at Ghent University, commissioned photographer Jan Kempenaers to make a third series of photographs of the same locations. These three series of photographs show the transformation of the landscape and the urbanization of Flanders over the past century.

The sections ‘1904 – Massart’, ‘1980- Charlier’, and ‘2004 – Kempenaers’ provide access to the three series of photographs. The series are sorted alphabetically, with each title consisting in the name of the place where the photo was taken and a number. When one selects a photograph, the corresponding photographs from the other two series are automatically shown as well, together with a map that shows precisely where the photos were taken. Each photo is also accompanied by a commentary. Images can be downloaded in JPEG format.

The project had various partners. This website is the result of a collaboration between Ghent University Library and the Department of Architecture and Urban Development.

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