Progetto SADEL - Salvaguardia Archivi e Documenti Enti Locali, Comune di Iglesias

The town of Iglesias, project leader, with the financial participation of the Province of Carbonia Iglesias, together with the municipal government of Calasetta, Musei, Sant'Antioco, St. John Suergiu, Villamassargia, and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Italy, realized, in the territory of Sulcis-Iglesias, the "SADEL - Salvaguardia Archivi e Documenti Enti Locali" (SADEL Project - Safeguarding Documents Archives and Local Authorities). The project involved the digitization of archival material of local bodies, public or private institutions or individuals in order to preserve and access archival documentation using the new digital technologies. The aim was to disseminate the local and rare documentary heritage.The oldest and most important documents stored in these local Sardinian historical archives in the respective city councils were digitised.

Each digital object (presented as an image of the primary source) is accompanied by specific metadata's, compiled according to MAGSCHEMA v. 2.0 in an Open Access DSPACE repository.

To explore the wider historical institutional and archival context of all scanned documents, and implement a possible critical reading, textual notes have been added about the authors of the documentation over time and the reference to the administrative structure. The documents are also presented online following the original archival context.

Furthermore, an edition of texts from the medieval municipal statute, known as Breve di Villa di Chiesa, based on a OCR digitization of the Nineteenth-Century printed edition by Charles Baudi of Vesme, allows to search in the full text for specific terms and is available in pdf and doc versions.

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