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Platform Digital Humanities is a website of the University of Antwerp presenting, since 2010, research carried out in the field of digital humanities at the University of Antwerp.

Various collections, with different themes, are present. Several of these collections contain freely accessible digital primary sources:

  • Historische Schouwburgen in 3D. This collections contains 3D reproductions of a series of historical buildings: theatres, synagogues, and buildings of guilds, from the 17th until the 20th century, in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • Archief Etcetera. This collection consists of digitized versions of the magazine Etcetera, a magazine on theatre. Digitized versions are available for the period 1983-2008.
  • Hugo Claus Interviews. The interviews given by the Belgian author Hugo Claus (1929-2008) have been collected in the Studie- en Documentatiecentrum Hugo Claus. Since 2010 they are being digitized. In November 2014, the interviews from the period 1950-1982 – 292 documents in total – are available.
  • Corpus Toneelkritiek Interbellum. In November 2014, this collection contained 686 documents from Flemish inter-war theater criticism. These documents consist of both reviews and other short texts on theater, and come from newspapers, theater journals, and book collections of reviews.
  • Ottoman Diplomats. This collection offers access to the diplomatic reports of Ottoman envoys in Belgium in 1849-1914. They are available in high-quality photographic reproduction, together with information on every dispatch (author, recipient, date, and summary).

Each collection has different ways of searching and accessing the material. Participating institutions and funding organizations are also different for each collection.

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