Pergamo online - Progetto per la riproduzione digitale di fondi pergamenacei pugliesi
The database Pergamo online, progetto per la riproduzione digitale di fondi pergamenacei pugliesi ("project for the digital reproduction of parchment archives in Apulia", Italy) consists of digital images and descriptions of the parchments conserved in the Italian region of Apulia ecclesiastical, public and private archives. Around 8000 documents were digitised to date (April 2011). The project was funded by the Apulia Directorate General for Archives. Digitised parchment funds available in the database are located and described in reference to their physical context and archival description: consistency, chronological history with archival notations for their conservation, their creator, their content and indexation order. Supplementary information about condition of access and utilization of the related documentation is also provided. Each digital parchment is accompanied by a descriptive series of meta-datas that indicates: date, place, subject, author, dimension in cm, archival quote, earlier quotations and identification code. Sometimes, descriptive abstracts are available together with the digital transcription of the documents. Viewing digitised parchments is done installing the DjVu plug-in in your browser.

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