Parnassus Scientiarum
Joint project by the Museo Gallileo in Florence, the Office for History of Science – Uppsala University and Uppsala University Library: "The project Parnassus Scientiarum is the synthesis of two complementary projects. The first aims at providing a digital catalogue of the Waller Collection of history of Science and Medicine kept at the Uppsala University Library. The second aims at providing a new and more appropriate physical order and, when needed, a restoration of the whole collection. The first phase of the catalogue, began in January 2000, has been completed in August 2000. In this interlocutory phase the users are provided with a digital catalogue of the Italian manuscripts (nearly complete) and of a certain number of French, Swedish and Danish manuscript and iconographic documents. Altogether the documents available in digital form are about 2000." The following digital materials are currently available:
  • Bibliotheca Walleriana: 3 books.
  • Manuscript Collection: 2000 out of 35.000 manuscripts held in the collection.
  • Digital Text: transcriptions of a few letters and manuscripts.
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