Old Weather

Old Weather is a crowdsourced project about historic weather observations. Users can transcribe the logbooks of United States ships about Arctic and worldwide weather observations. These logbooks are from United States Ships and Stations 1801-1946, US Revenue Cutter, and US Coast Guard Vessels 1820-1941, as well as US Coast and Geodetic Survey Vessels from the late 19th century. Following transcription, scientists input weather readings into a database in order to identify weather patterns and extremes. This allows them to test climate projections of how the Earth’s weather will develop in the future against how the climate has behaved in the past.

In order to access the sources and transcribe them it is necessary to register.

Old Weather is a collaboration between a diverse collection of people and institutions. It was funded by JISC.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016 - 12:06pm
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