Oeuvres et rayonnement de Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

The website ‘Oeuvres et rayonnement de Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’ has the aim to make available the works of the French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829), as well as documents relating to his career and life. The website is divided into various sections:

  • Vie de Lamarck: the main phases of Lamarck’s life and career, with links to documents available on the site
  • Oeuvres de Lamarck en texte intégral: a complete bibliography of Lamarck’s scientific production, as well as the corpus of his theoretical works electronically edited: books, journal and dictionary articles, lectures, etcetera. They can be browsed according to category. In addition, basic search in all documents is possible. The documents can be downloaded in Word and/or PDF format. Some of them are digitizations of the originals, other ones are modern editions.
  • Lamarck en son temps: material about Lamarck’s time
  • Auditeurs de Lamarck: list of students attending Lamarck’s lectures from 1795 through 1823

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