Neptun. Numérisation du Patrimoine de l’Université de Namur

Neptun (Numérisation du Patrimoine de l’Université de Namur) provides access to digitized items from the collection of the University of Namur in Belgium. These items come either from the University Library Moretus Plantin (Bibliothèque universitaire Moretus Plantin, BUMP) from the Centre de Documentation et de Recherche Religieuses (CDRR), or from other entities associated with the university. These items date from the end of the Middle Ages until the present day, and are of different types, such as manuscripts, prints, maps, journals, coins, medals, seals, and photographs. The collection is in the process of being expanded. In November 2014, 1438 items, divided over 19 collections, were available.

Under ‘Collections’, material is sorted according to type. Under ‘Expositions’, virtual exhitions are offered on specific themes. Basic and advanced search are possible. Images are shown in high definition and can be downloaded in PDF format.

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