METELwin Digital Library

The Croatian METELwin Digital Library provides digital access to a large amount of sources that mainly focus on local history and cultural heritage.

"The Metelwin project is a cooperative integrated digital library with digitized database and  multimedia material. It has been conceived as a complex cooperative and open system for creating, publishing, searching and using all types of digitized media and multimedia materials." It simultaneously integrates more than 950 libraries, more than 10 million books and nearly 600,000 digital and multimedia documents. Searching could be done on the full text of documents, by meta-data, or using meta-data and full-text all together.

The METELwin Digital Library is subdivided in the sections 'books', 'magazines', and 'newspapers'. These sections can be searched all at once, or separately. The newspaper section contains digitized newspapers from Croatia, including titles published in Varaždin, Vinkovci, Đurđevac and other cities. See this link for a full title list.

The Metelwin Digital Library has also a Facebook page for being regularly informed about the digital library contents.



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