The Leopold-Zunz-Archiv was housed at the Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums in Berlin until 1939, and was spared destruction at the hands of the National Socialists at the last minute. It was brought to Jerusalem, where it can presently be found in the Archives Department of the National Library of Israel. It comprises approximately 25.000 pages and contains four distinct collections:

  • The estate of Leopold Zunz. Leopold (Yomtov Lipman) Zunz (1794-1886) was a German rabbi who is known as one of the founders of the so-called Wissenschaft des Judentums movement. This collection contains biographical documents of Zunz, his wife, and their families, as well as materials concerning Zunz’ social and political life, his activities in various organizations, numerous manuscripts and preliminary versions of his printed works, his comprehensive correspondence with friends and contemporary scholars, works on Zunz written and published by others, and a collection of Hebrew texts.
  • The estate of Lazarus Bendavid. Documents that provide information on the life and work of Lazarus Bendavid (1762-1832), his writings on a wide variety of topics, and his correspondence with contemporaries.
  • The archive of the ‘Association for the Culture and Sciene of the Jews.’ The Verein für Cultur und Wissenschaft des Judentums (‘Association for the Culture and Science of the Jews’) had its roots in the Wissenschafszirkel (‘Science Circle’), founded by a group of young Jewish intellectuals at Berlin University in 1816. The archive comprises the main material documenting activities of the Association, such as speeches, minutes, statutes, letters, memoranda, registers, etcetera.
  • The archive of the Zunz Foundation. The Zunz Foundation existed from 1864 until 1939. Its archives include correspondence with notable authors such as Wilhelm Bacher, Gustav Dalman, Solomon Schlechter, and Hermann Cohen. The letters range in content from formal issues to important scholarly discussion.

For each of these four collections a series of digitized sources and a large bibliography is provided. The sources are divided into various thematic categories.

Each item is accompanied by a detailed record. They are shown in high definition and can be downloaded in PDF format.

The Zunz Archive is being digitized within the framework of a project supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG).  The project has various partners.

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