Le Temps, archives historiques

Digitisation of historical issues of newspapers are, in this case, offering around 200 years of history on-line. The Swiss based project Le Temps, archives historiques will include Swiss daily newspapers in French but at the moment is offering only the Journal de Genève.

Le Temps has always aspired to afford long-term conservation and consultation conditions for the written heritage for which it is the repository, and thus make an inestimable source of information accessible. Every article in every issue is at present available in electronic format. Access to the contents is by keyword, date or issue – searching for articles and viewing modes are easy and intuitive. [...] The Journal de Genève is today on-line and will soon be rejoined by La Gazette de Lausanne and Le Nouveau Quotidien.

The Swiss daily The Journal de Genève , founded by James Fazy, came out on the 6th January 1826 and its last issue was dated the 28th February 1998. The complete collection represents 550,000 printed pages, equivalent to 2.000.000 articles. The daily militated right from the beginning in favour of liberalism with a human face. It pleaded for universal suffrage and freedom of the press. It committed itself in favour of independentist causes. During the Second World War, its chronicles earned the newspaper international renown. For decades, the Journal significantly moulded Switzerland on a political, economic, cultural and social scale. It was a constant and often committed witness to what was happening in the world, permanently on the lookout for debating ideas."

The project is supported by the following institutions: Bibliothèque nationale suisse | Bibliothèque de Genève | Fondation de Famille Sandoz | Mirabaud & Cie | PubliGroupe

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