La Stampa - Archivio Storico dal 1867
The digitisation project La Stampa, Archivio Storico (La Stampa, Historical Archive) was carried out by the Comitato per la Biblioteca dell’Informazione Giornalistica (CBDIG) and promoted by the Regione Piemonte, the Compagnia San Paolo, the Fondazione CRT and the publisher La Stampa itself with the aim of creating a free of charge online database for public consultation. The national newspaper La Stampa, published in Turin, is an important primary source which covers a century and a half of Italian (and international) history. This Digital Historical Archive of La Stampa contains a copy of the entire newspaper collection. The first issue available is the one of February 9, 1867, when the newspaper was still called Gazzetta Piemontese. The database archive reach the year 2005. All the newspaper pages for a period of 138 years are published not only as images but also as digital texts available for e-text-mining queries. This is true for the more than 12 million articles indexed with the ability to search contents and highlight all keywords within the database. Searching a single article is possible like browsing the newspaper by date of publication or using advanced search facilities to combine different search fields.

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