Kansallisarkiston Digitaaliarkisto

This is the digital archive of the Finnish National Archive which offers access to a huge variety of materials. New content is added daily and listed in the FAQ section of the website (Finnish part only, the mentioned RSS feed seems not available at the moment). Users can browse the digital archive by the various collections (see the current list below) or perform a free text search. Materials are offered as high-resolution images.

The following materials can be accessed currently:

- Personal archive of Alexander Armfelt
- General register of settlement (or inhabitance) (collection)
- Civil office of Buxhoevden’s headquarters
- De la Chapelle (family)
- Census records
- Census records (collection)
- Heraldica (collection)
- Local records, 18th and early 19th centuries
- Local records, 18th and early 19th centuries
- Governor-General’s chancellery/office
- Department of land surveying
- Local archive (16th and 17th centuries)
- Department of justice
- Department of printing matters (includes e.g. registers of forbidden printed material)
- Porvoo Diet 1809 (collection)
- Building department
- Railroads department
- Local archive (Sattasniemi, Sodankylà – includes a reindeer register)
- Senate – register of patrimonies
- Guide to the general register of Finnish settlement
- Finnish delegation in St. Petersburg in 1808 (collection)
- Archive of a military region/district (from the early 19th century onwards)
- Register office of the department of economics
- Cathedral Chapter of the Turku Archbishopric
- Regional/local government of Uusimaa
- State police
- State’s criminal courts
- State Secretary’s office
- Department of prison service
- Several local archives consisting of drawings/designs of fortifications and buildings
- Tax collector’s registers
- Vuojoki estate
- General maps (collection)

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